1. This Wednesday, April 27 at 6:00 pm will be our last PTA meeting of the year. We will be looking to the future and seeking YOUR input as to what you would like from PTA for next year. We are also voting to approve PTA covering the cost of our bus cost for the upcoming field trip. We need your vote (members only to vote). Not a member? Click here to join and help the future of Camarena thrive!
  2. The Anchored4Life club is hosting a pet supply drive for the San Diego Humane Society. The drive will run from Monday April 18,2022 through Friday April 29, 2022. All the pet supplies will be collected by Friday April 29, 2022. The class with the most items collected will win a pizza and ice cream party.
  3. Turn in your San Diego Zoo field trip forms to your child’s teacher by May 6!
  4. Help out Camarena’s Garden Restoration Project. Donors Choose is going to be matching donations in honor of teacher appreciation week (May 2-May 6). Click the link to donate OR share on your social media page and/or with friends and family.

Save the Date!

Wednesday, April 20 from 3:00pm – 4:00pm
Are you interested in helping your child become a better reader? Then join us in the school courtyard for some great strategies to help your child improve their reading skills.  This information will be presented to you by our AMAZING Camarena teachers!  ~This event is sponsored by ELAC~
-Free Childcare

Wednesday, April 27 from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m
Please plan to come on out to our next PTA meeting hosted in the Camarena MPR. We will be voting on approval for PTA to cover the cost of bus transportation for our grade level field trip (more information will be coming in the next week about the fieldtrip). The last PTA meeting we did not have enough members to make quorum and therefore could not vote on anything. Your presence at this next meeting will help ensure that we can get the cost of the busses covered for our field trip.

If you are not a PTA member you can easily join by clicking on this link. You membership helps cover costs of field trips for our students, events, and so many other activities that PTA sponsors for you child.

*If needed, you can bring your child(ren). Please have a book, coloring, etc for them to keep occupied. The meeting should not be longer than 1 hour.

Friday, June 3 from 8:30 a.m-1:00 p.m
Mark your calendars and save the date! Friday, June 3rd, is the last day of school. Plan to be on campus from 8:30-10:30 and if you are able to joing us at the park we would love to have you! More details and information will be shared as we get closer to that date.

8:30-9:30 Kindergarten Performance

9:30-10:30 Presentation of Kindergarten Certificates

10:30-12:30 Picninc and Fun at the Park

Purple up!

You can read a bit more here about military child awareness month.

Have you ever wondered why purple is the chosen color for this month? Purple is the color that symbolizes all branches of the military, as it is a combination of Army green, Marine Red, and Coast Guard, Air Force, and Navy blue.

So join us next week in celebrating our military kids by dressing up for spirit week!

Hello All- As we get ready for our 15th week in Kinder here are a few friendly reminders and updates…

  1. Please return the yellow Federal Survey forms ASAP and no later the Nov. 19th
  2. Next week is the last week before Thanksgiving Break (Nov. 22-26)
  3. It is so important to help out our PTA and one of the easiest ways is to make sure you are a member. You can even buy a membership for each person in your family. Share this QR code on social media with your friends and family as an easy way to help fundraise for your child’s school. This year is especially difficult to fundraise as we have more restrictions in place.

Hello All- As we get ready for our 13th week in Kinder here are a few friendly reminders and updates…

  1. Thank you all for your patience as we eagerly await the arrival of the t-shirts! They should be arriving in the next week or two.
  2. Your child is able to access two learning programs at home called Smarty Ants and i-Ready. Below is a brief explanation of each program. If you have any questions please contact your child’s teacher.
  3. Don’t forget to check the main blog for important school wide information.

Week 10 Kinder Update


  1. Students return to school Tuesday, October 5th
  2. Please send your child to school with headphones that can plug into a computer on October 5th. Please put them in a bag with your child’s name on it. **No blue tooth headsets**
  3. Camarena Kinder shirts will be distributed upon return from fall break.
  4. Watch this video for some ideas on how to practice letters/sounds/sight words with your child.
  5. Enjoy your break!

Week 9 Update

Hello All- As we get ready for our 9th week in Kinder here are a few friendly reminders…

-Parent teacher conferences and minimum days continue through the end of the week. Dismissal is at 1:00 pm

-The Camarena Book Fair is happening this week at Barnes and Noble. Stop by Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for a story from some Camarena Staff! (Miss Teahan is Monday at 4:00 pm, Dr. McLaren is Wednesday at 4:00 pm, and Mrs. Muro is Thursday at 4:00 pm with a special reading in Spanish!)

-Fall Break is Sept. 20 – Oct. 4. Students return to school Tuesday, Oct. 5

-For those who ordered a Camarena Kindergarten t-shirt, those will be passed out upon return from Fall Break.

-Please pack some extra masks for your child or consider donating a box of kid size disposable masks to your child’s classroom.

Here are some fun ways to help your child strengthen their fine motor skills at home!

Week 8 Update

Hello All- As we get ready for our 8th week in Kinder here are a few friendly reminders…

-Conferences begin Thursday, September 9th. Dismissal will be at 1:00 pm Thursday the 9th through Friday the 17th.

-Fall break begins Monday, September 20 through Monday, October 4th. Students return on the 5th.

-Barnes and Noble Book Fair begins Sept. 13th through the 16th. Stop by on Monday to hear a story from Miss Teahan on Monday, Sept. 13th at 4:00 p.m!

-District online testing will take place at school towards the beginning of second quarter. Students will need their own headphones or earbuds that can plug into a computer. No bluetooth or wireless headphones. Please send your child’s headphones in a bag with their name on it and if possible on the headphones. PLEASE BRING HEADPHONES BY OCTOBER 5th

-Please reinforce at home to keep hands and feet to self.

-For safety and liability purposes children should NOT be playing on the play structure after school.

For more school information please check out the camarena robogriffins blog!

Week 6 Kinder Update

Hello All- As we get ready for our 6th Week in Kinder here are a few friendly reminders.

1. Please return your t-shirt order forms by Friday, August 27. Cash only please.

2. Be on the look out for a link to sign up for a parent teacher conference. Conferences begin Thursday, September 9th and go through September 16th. These will be minimum days. So please plan accordingly. Pick up is 1:00 p.m on minimum days.

3. Picture day is August 24th.

4. There will be a Volunteer In-service on Tuesday, September 7 at 6:00 pm at the school.  If you are interested in volunteering on campus, please make sure to attend the in-service.