We did it!

Congratulations to our Kinder Friends! We all made it through a challenging year. Each of us our SO incredibly proud of our kiddos, and a huge THANK YOU to our families who supported the kids through distance learning and a switch to hybrid. We wish you all a lovely and relaxing summer.

All the best,

Camarena Kinder Team

Lights! Camera! Action!

Save the date for our Kindergarten celebration happening Friday, June 4th from 3:30-4:30 pm. Please note that this is a come and go event, not a ceremony. To help alleviate traffic, please walk to campus if you are able.

Hybrid students will walk through the Kinder gates to their classroom for a certificate and gift from their teacher. Distance Learning students can drive to the end of the parking lot or walk up to their DL teacher who will remain outside the Kinder area. Please remember to wear your mask when on campus.

Did you know the Camarena School Blog has a tab just for military families and kiddos? Click here to check out the amazing resources available to your family.

Camarena Military families also have access to our amazing military and life counselor, Mrs. Ambrose. Check out the flyer below and contact her for more information.

Week 6 Distance Learning

Hello Amazing Kinder Families,

As we begin Week 6 of Distance Learning here are just a few reminders and tips to help make Distance Learning successful…

  1. Please attend the virtual town hall meeting Monday, October 5 at 6:00 pm to learn more about the District’s plan to reopen the schools. You can access the link on the cvesd.org main page and click on the banner
  2. Your child will be taking the iReady diagnostic this week. Please make sure you closely read through the email and schedule sent out by your child’s teacher. Below are some links to give you more information about this diagnostic.



3. Here is a short video with some tips to help your child have success in Distance Learning 5 Tips for Success

4. Please consider joining PTA by making a $10 donation with $1 service fee. PTA is responsible for putting on so many fun events and activities for our kids. They also provide mini grants for us teachers so we can get fun items or new books for our classrooms! You can join here

Week 5 Distance Learning

Hello lovely Kinder Families,

Just a few reminders this week for Distance Learning.

  1. This Tuesday is VAPA! For art please make sure your child has plain white paper, crayons, pencil, and eraser available for use. They will access the VAPA classes using the provided links from your child’s teacher.
  2. This week we will be giving your kiddos the Smarty Ants diagnostic assessment. We will proctor this in small groups throughout the week. Your child’s teacher will provide you specific information needed for the assessment.

Distance Learning FAQs

*Please remember to check the School Blog for up to date information.*
The district virtual Welcome Night with Superintendent Escobedo on Aug. 27th will be from 6-7pm. Visit www.cvesd.org and click on the banner to join.

Materials & Devices Questions

  1. Will we have to print homework packets? If so, how often and how far in advance will we receive the material? Will we need a printer at home to print out all the assignments?
    • Students will not need a printer at this time, as we are creating assignments digitally. For the time being, we will try to continue to keep things digitally.  
  2. Is material pick up scheduled by grade/name etc or can we arrive at any time?
    • Material pick up does not have designated times for grade/ name. You may arrive during any of the times provided.

  3. What type of device is needed or suggested for distance learning? If my child needs a device, what are the steps to getting one?
    • A laptop or tablet is suggested. The school will provide a laptop for you to check out if you need one. You will need to fill out a laptop release agreement. You can find this document on the Camarena Blog (camarenarobogriffins.blog), print it and bring it with you to school or you can fill it out at school but it may take longer. The material and device pickup days are:
        • Thursday, August 27 – 12:00 pm – 4:00
        • Friday, August 28 – 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
        • Saturday; August 29 – 10:00 am – 12:00 pm.

  4. We originally said we don’t need a device, but now think we should. Do we formally need to request a device, or can we just request one when we pick up the other supplies?
    • You can still request one during materials pickup.

  5. We just tried to fill in the release form for the device, and a student ID is required, how do I find out my child’s student ID?
    • When checking out a device, let the volunteers or office staff know that you have a Kindergarten child and do not have your child’s ID yet. You will still be able to pick up the device.
    • Your child’s teacher will provide you with your child’s ID number during the first week.

  6. Will the school devices have restrictions on them?
    • The devices will be set up to include all of the security measures provided by the district. For more information or assistance contact the Parent Helpline Tech Support (619) 409-6638 Monday through Friday 8am-5pm.

Distance Learning Questions

  1. In which platform will children need to report to or work on August 31st? I am assuming they will start at 8:15 am?
    • Your teacher will provide that information at the “Meet the Teacher” session on Friday, 8/28 at 4PM. Children will be reporting for school online everyday at 8:15 starting on Monday, 8/31.

  2. When school starts at 8:15, will my child need to be online at that time? 
    • Yes, your child will need to be online at 8:15. Your child’s teacher will provide you with more information about the daily schedule at the Meet the Teacher session on 8/28 at 4pm.
  3. How much parental support will be needed during live interaction, synchronous and asynchronous?
    • Students will need help to get started and for technological support. Initially, your child might require more support until they have become more independent with technology. However, as we move along with our distant learning, your child’s teacher will be able to help your child through their struggles so that they become independent similar to a traditional classroom setting.
    • During asynchronous instruction, your child might need your support to understand directions or to logon to the correct platform.

  4. Are there any specific software programs we need to download once we get the device?
    • Specific platforms and websites that will be used will be explained at the Meet the Teacher session on 8/28 at 4pm with your child’s teacher.

  5. Are students required to be online every day for three hours in front of a computer during specific times? My concern is I have 2 kids I will have to assist while they are on live. I’m not sure how to help both if they are both logged in at the same time. 
    • The 3 hours of instruction will include a combination of live instruction (synchronous) and independent activities (asynchronous). Your children may need you to assist them at the beginning of class to log-on or to troubleshoot technology issues. However, your child’s teacher will assist your child with any academic struggles during live instruction.

  6. My child is an English learner. Will my child have language support?
    • Teachers will accommodate all learners and will provide one on one and small group instruction to target areas of need

  7. What is the plan to maintain the children’s interest in the virtual program? 
    • Over the course of the first few weeks of school, we are going to focus on getting to know our students and building a classroom community. Just as if we were in the classroom, we will use songs, dances, wiggle breaks, visuals, chants, whole group and small group activities to engage our students during distance learning.  
  8. When and how will parents and teachers discuss the progress of our children? 
    • Parents and teachers will communicate during office hours if need be. The teacher will hold parent conferences for the first time in the Fall, along with sending report cards throughout the various marking periods of the year. 

DI Questions

  1. Will DI learning curriculum continue as normal or will it incorporate more English while virtual learning is in place?
    • Our DI program will continue to follow the 90/10 model. In kindergarten 10% of the instruction will be in English.  
  2. I was wondering how my child (an English speaker) will be provided with the internet safety/etiquette information, kindness, etc? Will this be provided during the 10% of English instruction? Will we be notified of the English teacher online time as well?
    • All internet safety information will remain in Spanish with the support of visuals to assist in student understanding.  Also, we appreciate parents reinforcing this information in their home language.  The Spanish teachers are currently working together to determine how to best coordinate all English activities to make it easier for students during Distance Learning.

Miscellaneous Questions

  1. Who will be my child’s teacher?
    • Find out who your child’s teacher is by clicking here. 
  2. What will be the direct communication system that the teachers will have with the parents?
    • Your teacher will provide that information at the Meet the Teacher session on 8/28 at 4PM. 
  3. Regarding returning to in-person classes, when will this happen now that San Diego is out of the watch list? Will students be able to return to school this year? Do you have any information or a future plan to reopen to in-person classes while in compliance with CDC regulations? 
    • We do not have this information at this time. Please refer to the District FAQs for more information regarding COVID-19. 
  4. For class placements, will birthdays be taken into consideration? Our child is going to be older than most of the kids. 
    • Several considerations are taken by the administration when they make the classes. It is not unusual for several kids to turn 6 before others.  
  5. Will school lunches be an option for pickup? 
    • Lunch information can be found on the School Blog. Free and Reduced Lunch Applications are available here. Pick up times will be every Thursday from 12-2 and will include 5 meals for the week.

  6. Is CVESD going to provide childcare for families? 
    • Childcare is limited and Camarena has only been allotted 48 spots. Families who completed the survey and who qualify will be contacted this week and childcare will begin the week of September 8.

  7. How are the teachers going to complete student assessments?
    • At this time, while we are in distance learning, student assessments will be administered online.



Kinder Orientation Video

It was so great to have so many of you join us tonight at our Virtual Incoming Kinder Orientation Meeting. We hope you feel more at ease and are looking forward to meeting your child’s teacher next Friday, August 28 at 4:00 pm. Below is the link so you can rewatch the meeting along with the individual slides from the powerpoint. Again thank you for your participation and support during these very interesting times! Please feel free to email questions to  camarenakindergarten@gmail.com

Kinder Orientation Video

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Welcome Incoming Robo Rockstars!

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 6.46.23 PM

Welcome to the newest Camarena Robo Rockstars! This blog will help you navigate the year of Distance Learning and provide many useful tools and resources to support you and your child. As we gear up to begin our year of distance learning we are excited to invite you to our Incoming Parent Kinder Orientation on Friday, August 21 at 5 pm. A Zoom invite will be emailed to you next week along with some instructions for the evening. Below you will also find a link for a survey. Please take the time to fill this survey out as it will help us better ready our classes for your kiddos. We are looking forward to what can only be called an exciting year of dynamic distance learning! GOOOOO ROBOS! 

Parent Survey Link

Make sure you are following the official Camarena school blog to stay up to date on new information from Dr. McLaren  Camarena Official School Blog